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Fri, Apr 10, 20

INTIMACY - How To Stay Attractive...Eat, Love, & Grow With It.

Intimacy is the physical language of love, attraction, & appeal...Eat, Love, & Grow from it...Start by setting the expectation with Physical Appearance..Keep Up Appeal by Keeping up Healthy Regimens...Stay Mentally...

INTIMACY - How To Stay Attractive...Eat, Love, & Grow With It.

If you're like most of us, you may be getting a little stir crazy aka goin' thru it, being forced to stay home during the reign of Ms. Corona. However, this to shall pass and we have the opportunity to come out the other side better than we were before, and with easier access to all that we love...if you know what I mean. So lets talk intimacy.

Intimacy is the physical language of love, attraction, and appeal

It's only natural that most intimate connections begin with physical appearance and the lust of it all, so if you want to BE the complete package, you have to be mindful of all three parts and work them into your lifestyle.

  1. Attraction - Physical Appearance
  2. Appeal - Healthy Habits
  3. Love - Mental & Emotional Availability

Start by Setting The Expectation with Physical Appearance

It has been proven, that physical appearance is not directly linked to overall health...However, it is a damn good indication as to the lifestyle you live and the goods I should expect to receive as a potential investor. Intimacy starts with presentation of the visuals, that set the expectation of what's to come

For example, it is completely fine to be operating as a small business, maintaining your lifestyle while enjoying all the fruits and candies of your labor.  Just don't be surprised if you get ignored or phone calls sent straight to voice mail without return, by a large firm, who invests into their diet and exercise, while planning and achieving fortune 500 goals. 

As humans, we complex with different opinions, attractions, and options.  Build your body for the goals you would like to achieve. Furthermore, health is directly linked to diet and exercise; so create your physical by controlling what you put in your body and getting the most out of your workouts. 

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Keep up Appeal by Keeping Healthy Habits In Rotation 

Outside of a balanced diet and effective exercise, it is a necessity to keep up beauty routines and regimens that boost you to the best version of yourself. This is where Teddy Winston, and others, come into play. We're different because our beauty products are plant-based, highly concentrated, and all natural, to be recognized and absorbed most effectively your body's own natural cells.  With that being said, Appeal is undeniable when you enhance the quality details of yourself, which keeps the intensity of Intimacy going and going and going...

In connection, we all know that person who in grade school, was voted mostly likely to succeed at everything I liked, valedictorian my hopes and wet dreams, and president of all my aspirations...Only to fast forward a few years and see all that potential ruined by bad habits or wasted by a plain unflavored basic boring approach to life.

Go on and live in your best self!...It's never too late to adopt a natural beauty regimen or pick up healthy habits; all while enjoying everything that life has to offer.

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Stay Mentally and Emotionally Available for Love

After you've gotten your physical on track and healthy habits on autopilot; substance is the final piece. It is that mental and emotional part of yourself that drives all of your decisions. It is that extra "something" that separates you from everyone else. It is what invites others into your person, for an experience that only you can offer. Intimacy is hypnotizing, when we are mentally and emotionally open to receive Love.

What if, you were in the market to lease, and potentially purchase, a fully furnished home... After months of searching countless apps, websites, and referrals you finally found one that checks all the boxes. It's preowned with no leans or back taxes, lots of character with beautifully manicured landscaping, and from the windows it looks to be move in ready with all the desired upgrades. All appeared well, until you're invited in and notice most of the rooms are empty or have furniture that needs to be assembled without an instruction manual, the A/C is hot and then cold, the appliances are nice but do not work all the time, and the mood energy is weird...Now imagine an ex using that analogy to describe their relationship with you!

No one knows all the right answers, however, we all should get to know our mental and emotional triggers and seek professional help, if we cannot find healthy solutions. 

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P.S. Real Intimacy begins and ends with your ability to be comfortable within yourself enough to fully allow others to experience what make you YOU!...Adopt a Teddy Winston plant-based regimen today then Eat, Love, & Grow from it!