Throughout these unprecedented times, we have had to rely on trusted partners, in order to continue operations. It is because of our outstanding partnership with FedEx, we were able to fulfill all of our order deliveries to each and every one of our valued customers, throughout this pandemic. 

 FedEx Overnight Express
Next Day within contiguous U.S., if fulfilled by 2:00 PM EST.
FedEx 2-Day Express
1-2 business days within contiguous U.S.
FedEx Standard Ground
3-7 business days within contiguous U.S.
FedEx International Shipping 6-12 business days, depending on individual country's customs and local shipping carrier availability.


Service Days  Monday - Saturday. Delivery is between 9 a.m. and 8 p.m.
Delivery Area Available throughout all states contained within the contiguous U.S., International delivery dependent on individual country customs and carrier availability restrictions.
Exceptions FedEx cannot deliver to P.O. boxes.


Frequently Asked Questions:

Safety precautions:

Is it safe to handle a package from an area where the virus has been reported?

We completely understand your concern. According to WHO, the likelihood of an infected person contaminating commercial goods is low and the risk of catching the virus that causes COVID-19 from a package that has been moved, traveled, and exposed to different conditions and temperatures is also low.

Will FedEx drivers complete health questionnaire or allow their temperature to be taken?

Many businesses have developed their own protocols for receiving shipments or allowing delivery personnel into their facility. These protocols may include asking FedEx delivery personnel to fill out a health questionnaire and/or submit to a temperature check before being permitted to enter a facility. To prevent our team members from being put in the position of having to sign a health questionnaire that may intrude into their personal privacy, we have developed a document that each of our drivers can provide individual customers who may ask them to fill out a questionnaire. This document contains much of the information customers have been seeking on their respective questionnaires. The use of this document is not mandatory. Excluding FedEx Freight, drivers will submit to a non-contact temperature check at the customer's request.

What precautions is FedEx taking to protect team members and customers at the point of delivery?

To promote the World Health Organization’s guidance on social distancing and do our part to help prevent the spread of COVID-19 across our communities, effective immediately we have temporarily implemented no-contact pickups and deliveries, including temporarily suspending most signature requirements for FedEx Express and FedEx Ground deliveries in the U.S. and Canada. The signature suspension also includes FedEx Freight in the U.S. and those normally required as part of our same-day service, as well as in our FedEx Office retail stores and onsite locations at various retailers. In some cases, signatures will be captured by the driver manually entering the recipient’s first initial, last name and “C-19.”  

FedEx is also reinforcing team member education through regular communications and reminders on good hygiene practices and keeping the workplace clean. FedEx operations and sourcing teams are working diligently with multiple suppliers to procure and distribute supplies to team members, and they continue to gather feedback from team members about additional needs. Our ongoing efforts include:

  • Providing sanitizer and disinfectants to team members
  • Promoting social distancing at security screening and on employee shuttles 
  • Disinfecting facilities more frequently 
  • Supplying masks to team members, for use at their discretion and in accordance with local regulations
  • Implementing temperature checking of team members in some high risk areas
  • Temperature self-monitoring by pilots per FAA Guidelines 
  • Disinfecting the cockpits, jumpseat areas, and aircraft lavatories 

How is COVID-19 impacting FedEx operations? How is it impacting operations globally?

FedEx continues to operate inbound and outbound flights to and from impacted areas as local conditions and restrictions allow, and are taking recommended precautions in terms of pilot, team member and customer health and safety. Global work and travel restrictions may affect shipments inbound and outbound to and from impacted areas, as well as shipments moving within those areas. Customers can visit or to check the status of their shipments.


Shipping & Receiving:

Does FedEx deliver to locations with a shelter in place?

Due to the crucial role FedEx plays in moving supply chains and delivering critical relief, FedEx is considered an essential business and may continue to operate under state of emergency and shelter in place orders recently issued in
the U.S.

FedEx have been and will continue to operate to and from impacted areas as local conditions and restrictions allow. The safety and well-being of their team members is their top priority as they continue to deliver critical goods and services to support communities across the globe.

Prior to shipping, we check to see if our recipient's location is open, as many commercial businesses are now closed. In the event a delivery location is closed, FedEx will follow their current operating procedures to attempt to complete delivery at a later time. 

My business was temporarily closed. How can I start receiving FedEx deliveries when I reopen?

You can let your FedEx driver know that you are accepting deliveries—even if your business is still closed to customers—by filling in your information on the "Open for Deliveries" PDF, printing it, and posting it on or near your front door.

If your business is still closed and not accepting any deliveries, you can let your driver know your anticipated opening date by filling in your information on the "Closed for Deliveries" PDF, printing it, and posting it on or near your front door. 

Can FedEx hold a shipment being sent to my home or send it to an alternate location?

If a package is on the way to your home and circumstances have changed, there are several options available to update your delivery.  Register for FedEx Delivery Manager to request delivery to an alternate location, leave detailed delivery instructions for your FedEx driver, or place a temporary delivery hold on your deliveries for up to 14 days. You may also contact Customer Support with your tracking number or door tag number for assistance with redirecting
a package.

What happens if FedEx has attempted to deliver to a closed business?

FedEx Express and FedEx Ground

In the event a business is closed, FedEx will follow their current operating procedures to attempt to complete delivery at a later time. As mentioned above, Hold at Location/Redirect to Hold, Re-route and Return to Shipper are additional options.  Requests for Hold at Location/Redirect to Hold, Re-route and Return to Shipper may experience delays in areas where shelter in place orders are in effect due to significant backlogs of undeliverable shipments.

How can I modify my regular scheduled pickup if my business is closed or has moved operations to a residential location?

You can either cancel, suspend, reschedule or move your pickup to an alternate location by talking to your FedEx account executive. If you choose to cancel your regularly scheduled pickups altogether, you can still schedule one-time pickups online or drop-off at a nearby FedEx Drop Box at a participating FedEx location.

Find facts and the latest information on the COVID-19 at the CDC website or WHO website.