Active Coconut Charcoal Exfoliating Mask


Purifying scrub and beyond.

What it is: A gentle-yet-effective - exfoliating mask formulated with superior activated coconut charcoal.

Why it's special:

  • Perfectly balanced for oily skin and clogged pores
  • Plant-based lipid extracts increase cellular turnover to make way for better anti-aging ingredient absorption
  • The power of exfoliation taken up a notch - our natural activated coconut charcoal draws out toxins and impurities without harsh longterm effects of standard activated charcoal
  • Use as scrub or mask - after massaging into skin in circular motion then allowing to air dry, before rinsing off

Good to know: hypoallergenic, dermatologist-tested, natural with no artificial colors or fragrances, no parabens, no fillers, cruelty free, vegan, biodegradable, appropriate for all skin types

Directions: Wet skin with water then massage in circular motions. Scrub will not dissipate quickly, so it is safe to gently scrub for several minutes if needed. Allow mask to sit and dry, on skin. Rinse thoroughly then follow with cleanser and moisturizing serums. 

Active Ingredients: Coconut Charcoal, Aloe Vera, Deionized Water, Olive Seed Exfoliant, Lavender Oil, Ylang Essential Oil, Citric Acid, Cucumber, Vitamin E, Rosemary, Sandalwood



Born In Nature...Built for Healthy Skin

Clean from the inside out, made all the better by the addition of skin supportive ingredients like Vitamin E, Wild Geranium and Sandlewood. 

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