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The Growth Activator Kit Science

The Beard Growth Activation Kit has been designed to provide the most efficient experience for connecting the spots, filling in patches, or growing your new beard.

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Always start with a clean surface.
Regular cleaning and sterilizing will help keep your skin safe and tools effective for everyday use.

Use our Oceanic Mineral Cleanser or Total Beard & Body Wash for a freshly cleansed facial surface. The Growth Activator Kit comes with surgical grade sanitizing spray to sterilize the beard roller before and after use.

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The Beard Derma Roller

The Beard Derma Roller

The process of micro-needling maximizes the distribution of nutrition to facial follicles, increases the formation of regenerated follicles and tissue, and activates the body's natural healing.

Your skin's absorption of The Activator is increased significantly, due to the Beard Roller's micro-needles penetrating the top layer of the skin. This process creates thousands of microscopic channels.

It is because of these new micro channels, that growth factors, such as the production of natural protein Collagen, occur at a much faster rate and is directed at the site of the new micro channels.

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The Activator Serum

The Activator Serum

The Activator contains two main active ingredients: Biotin and Capilia Longa. These hair growth activators get deeply absorbed in the follicles, through micro-needling channels and optimize new hair growth.

Simply put, the dormant hair follicles (some of us refer to as peach fuzz) that lie in a resting state underneath the skin, becomes activated and supplies your beard with thick new hair; after prolonged use.

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