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Success Is Created Through Hard Work and Fellowship.

For so long I've been trying to grow my beard and couldn't find the right products to help me achieve my goals. I wanted my beard to be thick, shiny, and strong (i.e. not breaking all over the place). The problem I encountered was that most products on the market were not specifically made for black men.  As a Man of Color I had to buy 4 to 5 different products and create my own mixtures, all just to get the results I desired. One day, I woke up and got fed up with spending all this time and money and still was not able to get the beard style I wanted. I needed a product that was all natural, hypo allergenic, and effective enough to keep my beard shinning, moisturized, and growing strong.
My research began with private labs that I could work with to build an amazing formula for Black Bearded Renaissance Men. Men of Color, like myself, are genetically predisposed to having course hair textures and curly/kinky hair types, which comes with a special set of challenges. After a whole year had passed along with lots of trials and lab testing, we were able to create the absolute formula that will make any man's (especially Men of Color) beards healthy and shiny. That moment marked the birth of Teddy Winston Brand.
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Natural Luxury Requires Very Little Effort.

Driven by a desire to find unique pieces that were not readily available, our Signature and Spiritual Collections were created to provide men with one of a kind handpicked, and in most cases hand-made pieces. Our selections serves a larger purpose above aesthetic coordination, we seek to match clients with pieces that satisfy emotional and philosophical as well as visual needs. We strongly believe that every man should accessorize with intent; and the right accessories can make any man impactful. We source our natural stones of the highest quality and pair all of our selections with a spiritual description, detailing the meanings and properties of stones used. We deliver this extra information to aide our customer’s investment in long-lasting pieces that fulfill self-actualization needs. All of our hand-made pieces are crafted in rarity and are not replicated more than a few times...
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Being Distinctive Is Not An Option...It's A Necessity!

Distinction can be defined as a difference or contrast between that which is similar or common among people or things.  An accentuation of character through an outward expression of one's self is exactly what we have in mind when designing and choosing one of a kind pieces for our Men's Travel Collection.  
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