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0.5 fl. oz | 15 ml

What it is:  Surgical grade sanitizing spray that kills germs, protects against bacteria, is safe and effective for daily use.

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The Details

  • Naturally and effectively clean!

  • Scent:

    Naturally Fragrance Free

  • Directions:

    Spray 2 - 3 times evenly on head of The Beard Roller before each use

  • The Ritual:

    Spray on The Beard Roller before and after use

  • Highlights:

    Always start with a clean surface.
    Regular cleaning and sterilizing will help keep your skin safe and tools effective for everyday use.

    Use our Oceanic Mineral Cleanser or Total Beard & Body Wash for a freshly cleansed facial surface. The Growth Activator Kit comes with surgical grade sanitizing spray to sterilize the beard roller before and after use.

  • Active Ingredients:

    Water, Alcohol, Propylene Glycol

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