The perfect face and body scrub for men and women. An elite vitamin & mineral scrub - glow up solution for skin cell renewal and discoloration | Teddy Winston

1. Perfect Face & Body Polish

Wet skin with water then massage in circular motions. Scrub will not dissipate quickly, so it is safe to gently scrub for several minutes if needed. Rinse thoroughly.

Pro Tip: For starting a beard, use scrub 3-5 times per week, on desired hair growth area to activate hair follicles. Continue use to prevent and treat ingrown hairs + hyperpigmentation (discoloration), and promote skin renewal.

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The total beard and body wash for men. A one-for-all oil cleanser made for hair and skin underneath + face and body. | Teddy Winston Brand

2. Total Beard & Body Wash

Wet hair and body then dispense a size-able amount and massage into hair and on body, for all over wash. Rinse and repeat, as desired.

Pro Tip: Packed with natural botanical ingredients effective for cleansing hair and skin underneath + safe and gentle for face and body. Follow up with our Complete Beard Conditioner, for deep moisture replenishing.

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Complete beard conditioner infused with essential oils for detangling, growing, and repairing all hair types. | Teddy Winston Brand

3. Complete Beard Conditioner

Apply a good amount to wet hair and leave in for at least 2 minutes. Rinse throughly.

Pro Tip: Detangle and straighten by applying our conditioner then combing through hair from roots to tips... Can be used in place of wash for gentle clean + added moisture and botanical nutrients.

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The perfect beard balm for men. An extreme hydrating balm - Thick leave in conditioner without greasy residue + anti bacterial and odor resistant. | Teddy Winston Brand

4. Perfect Beard Balm

To moisturize and refresh your beard daily, rub a dab into palm of hand, and coat beard evenly from roots to tips. Use as often as needed (with styling brush for even penetration to skin underneath).

Pro Tip: Stir it up before use (this is an all natural product - without artificial fillers) and mix it up with our Perfect Beard Oil for extra growth and long lasting coverage.

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The perfect beard oil for men. An essential oil blend - super growth and shine, vital nutrients, protects against skin irritation, and all day signature fragrance.  | Teddy Winston Brand

5. Perfect Beard Oil

Rub a drop of between your palms and massage into hair as a styling fluid and healing elixir. Can also use dropper to drop directly into beard.

Pro Tip: Finish with styling brush or comb for even hair coverage plus conditioning of skin underneath.

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