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How-To Use Growth Activator Kit

Take the Beard Roller out of its carrying case.

Hold the Sanitizer Spray 10 - 15cm (4 - 6 inches) from the micro needle head of the Beard Roller.

Spray 2 - 3 times evenly.

Let the head of the Beard Roller dry for 20 seconds.

The Ritual:

Use before and after every application of the Beard Roller.

After sanitizing the Beard Roller gently roll it 10 times back and forth across your desired beard growth area to encourage follicle stimulation and maximize Activator Serum absorbtion.

Wash tool with warm water and a couple spritzes of Sanitizer Spray to safely clean the Beard Roller.

Stow away the Beard Roller back in its carrying case.

The Ritual:

1 - 2 times per week depending on skin tolerance.

Now that you've created a welcoming environment for hair growth by using the Beard Roller, take a couple pumps of the Activator Serum in your palm.

Apply the serum with circular movements onto your desired beard growth area, helping the formula get into the follicles.

Leave the Activator Serum to fully absorb.

The Ritual:

Use after every application of the Beard Roller.

Gently brush and style your beard with the Comb to your desire.

Carry comb on your keychain or in wallet for easy access.

The Ritual:

As needed at home or on the go.