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Become An Ambassador

Got charm?... Join the team and get paid to influence others, at your own pace.

Ambassador perks include, but are not limited to:

Cash startup bonus for joining the team

Invitation and access to all “TWB” events

Unlimited personal sampling of “TWB” products

First pick on new and pre-released products

Cash on entire purchase of referral sales

24/7 direct deposit cash out option

Cash Referral System

On top of the perks you're receiving from the company, we have generated a base commission system on all referral sales made by your clients. As a brand ambassador for “TWB”, you will receive 10% on sales of all products purchased by your referrals. For payment of commission earned, there's a choice of direct deposit to Bank Account or via PayPal, recommended for quicker processing.

Tracking Referrals

- Allows customers to enter code at checkout

- Referrals receive 10% discount and you receive commission

- Found on "Information Page" within 24 hours of account creation

- Tracks all purchases, and linked directly to our site

- You receive commission on all referrals

- Available immediately after registration

- Tracks all purchases, when code scanned

- You receive commission on all referrals

- Found on "Information Page" within 24 hours of account creation

Our Ambassadors Are:


Manuver through the world, knowing you are the only one who can control your energy.


Build up those around You, so that your community has a strong foundation from which you can stand.


Give Yourself grace and lead with good intentions that leave a lasting impression.

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